Technology Audit Services

A technology audit is a comprehensive analysis of a school or district’s current use of technology and its effectiveness. The results are detailed in a report that also provides recommendations as you move forward with a school improvement planning process. Audits may cover the entire scope of administrative, instructional and technical facets of technology for a district or focus on only some more specific sub-set.

The audit process generally includes the following elements:

An initial survey which measures determines stakeholder uses of and concerns with technology
A review of the district’s policies and procedures related to technology as well as staff handbooks, manuals, job descriptions, etc.
Conduct interviews to gather data about the use of technology, related professional development, and barriers for technology integration
Focus groups with teachers, administrators, support staff students, and parents conducted throughout the district
Site visits and building walk throughs to collect data on the strategies and technologies teachers are using, the context of instruction, and the learning that is occurring

A final audit report including a comprehensive review of the school or district’s technology use and implementation recommendations for short and long term improvements in each facet of the technology program. In some cases, the district wishes for the audit to rate programs related to a specific set of standards.

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