Presentation & Workshop Topics

Below are a variety of topics previously presented. Every presentation is developed for its specific audience. Presentations can be customized to support a specific conference theme or school improvement need. Many sample presentations are available through Steven Baule’s SlideShare account.

Iowa Technology Education Conference Evaluating your technology plan.

Illinois Educational Technology Conference Presentation Improving Instruction through more Effective and Gentle Student Feedback. (Thanks to Meghan Sinning, Mary Anderson, and Danielle Tamke for their review and feedback). 

AECT 2021 Conference Interactive Poster Presentation on Flipping the Course Evaluation Process

Texas Computing Educators Association Conference 2021 Engaging Students in Asynchronous Online Courses.

Please feel free to contact Steve to learn more about presentation options or to schedule a workshop or presentation.

General Topicstreasuremountain
Preparing to Plan: How to prepare for strategic planning
Developing a communication plan for your organization
Creating professional development to support strategic initiatives
Preparing for the future of education
Assessment: An overview for teachers
How to determine what needs to be assessed for real school improvement
Developing effective assessments for secondary schools
Preparing for your first administrative interview

Instructional Technology Topics
Preparing a technology program audit
Evaluating instructional technology programs
Preparing for 1:1 or BYOD/BYOT
Social media for (insert your noun – administrators, teachers, librarians, etc.)
Developing the policies necessary for a digitally rich instructional environment
Web tools for (insert your noun – administrators, teachers, librarians, etc.)

Library Related Topics
Integrating search skills into the curriculum
Marketing and/or promoting your library program
Using primary documents to differentiate social studies lessons
Working with your administrative team