WSU Ed.D. Dissertation Committee Info

Below is information about College of Education faculty willing to serve on Ed.D. dissertation committes, according to responses from a spring 2021 survey. This is an evolving data set.

WSU Faculty for Dissertation Committees

Name Department Willing to Serve as: Academic Preperation Research Interests Primary Methodology(ies) Additional Information about Methodologies Other Information for Students Brief Biography
Meghan Sinning Special education A dissertation chair; A committee member BS, Special Education Specific Learning Disabilities/Intellectual Disabilities - Arizona State University MS, Special Education Specific Learning Disabilities - Winona State University EdD, Special Education Leadership/ Assessment & Curriculum Development - Winona State University Special education Quantitative methods,Qualitative methods,Mixed methods,Documentary methods Love numbers!  Yes
Mary Anderson Early childhood and elementary education A committee member BS Elementary Education, Northern IL University BS Special Education (Hearing Impairment), Northern IL University MS, Curriculum and Instruction (Reading Specialist), Northern IL University MS, Educational Leadership, Winona State University Ed.D., Educational Leadership, University of St. Thomas  ~Phonemic awareness ~Formative assessment ~Student engagement  Qualitative methods No
James Kirk Special education A committee member B.A. English, Marquette University M.S. Education, Western Oregon State University Ph.D. Teaching and Learning, University of Iowa Empirically validated interventions for students with autism. Quantitative methods Yes
Melanie Reap Early childhood and elementary education A dissertation chair,A committee member BS, Horticulture, Texas A&M University BS, Agricultural Science, Texas A&M University MS, Agricultural Science, Texas A&M University MS, Science Education, University of Oklahoma PhD, Science Education, University of Oklahoma Pre-service field experience in science at the elementary level Technology and science educaiton Qualitative methods Yes
Mary Hudgens Henderson College of Education affiliate faculty A dissertation chair,A committee member BA, English and Spanish, Florida Atlantic University MA Spanish, Colorado State University MA Teaching English as a Second Language, Colorado State University PhD, Hispanic Linguistics, University of New Mexico critical language awareness anti-racist education bilingual learners Quantitative methods,Qualitative methods,Mixed methods My own dissertation was mixed methods. I have some experience with SPSS and R.  No
Mary Fawcett Counselor education A committee member BA, Psychology, UNC Chapel Hill MA, Counseling, Appalachian State Ph.D. Counselor Education, USC, South Carolina Multicultural competency development Immigrant experiences Chronic Pain management and mental health Quantitative methods No
Jennifer Anderson College of Education affiliate faculty A committee member B.S. Astrophysics, Geophysics, Physics -- University of Minnesota Sc.M.  Geological Sciences - Brown University Ph.D. Geological Sciences - Brown University Experimental Impact Cratering Designing lab activities for introductory geology, astronomy, and other science courses. Honestly, I have no official research that is education-based.   Quantitative methods Technically, I have no methods experience other than being a University professor. I'm not sure if I have the time to take on a graduate student, but I'm interested in science education very broadly and, if I might be useful, I'd be interested in learning more about this and helping to advise graduate students in the College of Education.
Dr. Joan Sax-Bendix Early childhood and elementary education A dissertation chair,A committee member BS, Elementary Education with Reading, Moorhead State University BS, Child Development/Family Relations (Early Childhood Education), North Dakota State University MA, Curriculum and Instruction., Colorado Christian University MA, K-12 Reading License, St Mary’s University of Minnesota Ed.D. PK-12 Teaching and Learning, Argosy Online University Dyslexia and teacher preparation Early childhood literacy Changing elementary literacy methods Literacy professional development for K-12 students Social emotional learning Quantitative methods,Qualitative methods,Mixed methods I have worked with multiple master's students with action research- both qualitative and quantitative methods for the past 8 years.  I have worked with 2 doctoral students as ancillary support and consultant on their dissertations. As a veteran teacher who has taught in 5 different states with marginalized populations, the research continues to be important to best serve all students.  There is a desperate need for teachers who are flexible and continually growing in their professional learning that is reflected in their practice.
Mitch Moore Counselor education A committee member A.A., Pre-Education, Rochester Community College, 1982 B.A., Psychology and Political Science, Winona State University (WSU), 1987 M.S., Counselor Education, Community Counseling, WSU, 1991 Ph.D., Adult Education, University of Minnesota, May 2011 Current projects: Supporting children and caregivers affected by substance abuse (community engaged participatory research) Researchers’ experiences working with community advisory boards: How community member feedback impacted the research(qualitative) Past projects: Improving quality of life in patients at risk for post-intensive care syndrome (mixed methods) Examining participants’ motivation to change in residential drug abuse program graduates: Comparing “stages of change” assessment data with post-release status (quantitative-quasi-experimental design) Qualitative methods,Mixed methods I No
Ditlev Larsen A committee member BA English Linguistics, Aalborg University, Denmark MA English: TESOL, St. Cloud State University Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Second Languages and Cultures Eduction General applied linguistics/TESOL: Cross-cultural/second language composition/writing Multilingual writers Sociolinguistics ESL teacher education. Qualitative methods I'm mostly trained as a qualitative researcher (interpretive research and case studies), but also also have some rudimentary knowledge of quantitative research. No
Amy Olson  A committee member
Amy Hornby Uribe A committee member
James E. Schul Education studies A dissertation chair,A committee member BS., Social Studies Education, Miami University M.Ed., Social Studies Education, Miami University Ph.D., Social Studies Education, University of Iowa Social Studies Education Curriculum History History Teaching and Learning Qualitative methods For more information about Jim, please see his website: No
Carrie Brouse Early childhood and elementary education A committee member BS, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education and Kindergarten Endorsement, University of North Dakota MS, Child Study and Education (now ECE), University of North Dakota Ph.D., Teaching and Learning, University of North Dakota Carrie is entering phased retirement and is not actively engaged in research projects at this time.  Qualitative methods,Mixed methods Carrie conducted a qualitative study for her master's thesis and a mixed methods study for her dissertation.  For planning purposes, Carrie wishes candidates to know that she will begin phased retirement in the fall. She would be happy to serve on one committee in each of the two semesters in the 2021-2022 academic year. In 2022-2023, Carrie plans on being available for one committee in the fall semester. 
Saunders Jodi Child advocacy studies A committee member BA social sciences. Three minors:communications, psychology and economics. Michigan State University. MA Rehabilitation Counseling and School Counseling. Michigan State University. Ph.D. Rehabilitation Counselor Education. Concentrations in research, program evaluation and statistics. Coursework equivalent of second Ph.D in statistics. Michigan State University.  Advocacy for marginalized populations Foster care/foster children Self-efficacy Trauma/counseling/mental health Predictors of success  Quantitative methods,Qualitative methods,Mixed methods Very strong in quantitative methodologies. Stringing qualitative and mixed methods. Not familiar but interested in documentary methods.  No
Debra Anne Mishak Early childhood and elementary education A committee member BA  Vocal Performance and Pedagogy, The University of Iowa MA, Counselor Education, The University of Iowa Ph.D. Curriculum and Supervision (Teaching and Learning), The Univesity of Iowa      1. Post-Pandemic opportunities and challenges for school administrators, teachers and counselors.  2. Educator mental health and well-being.  3. Accommodating the needs of adult learners in higher education. Quantitative methods,Qualitative methods,Mixed methods My dissertation was mixed methods and I have served on several master theses and doctoral dissertation committees using quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods.  I am comfortable with data, and have taught the data and research sequence for undergraduate teachers at WSU and graduate mental health professionals at The University of Iowa.   I enjoy working with doctoral candidates and want them to be successful.  The dissertation is one's first "dive into the water" of academic research, and I want each student's experience to be enlightening and meaningful.    
Erika Pinter Special education A dissertation chair,A committee member BA, Psychology and Municipal Recreation, University of Nevada Reno MA, Special Education, University of Oregon Ph.D, Special Education, University of Washington * Video-based instruction (to teach a variety of skills - i.e., vocational, daily living, recreation, social) * Ways to support the mental health of teacher candidates and practicing teachers * Various uses of technology to enhance instruction * Effective strategies for enhancing student participation and engagement * Emotional Behavioral Disorders, Developmental Disabilities  Quantitative methods,Qualitative methods,Mixed methods A majority of my research is conducted using Single Case Research Design (aka single subject research). I also have done some survey research, and research involving quantitative methods. I have been on several doctoral committees that involved qualitative and mixed methods research.  I enjoy being on doctoral committees and helping mentor doctoral students as they design their studies and conduct their dissertation research. I have participated on dissertation committees involving a wide range of topics related to education and am open to topics that are outside of the field of special education. 
Carl Ferkinhoff College of Education affiliate faculty A committee member BA, Physics, Gustavus Adolphus College MS, Astronomy, Cornell University PhD, Astornomy, Cornell University Relevant to the ED program: 1) research validated instructional methods in physics and sciences 2) development of family science program Quantitative methods No
Daniel Kirk Education studies A dissertation chair,A committee member Comparative and International Education Education policy Teacher Education The futures of education Qualitative methods,Mixed methods Yes
Ray Martinez Physcial education A committee member Ed.D. Pedagogy, University of Northern Colorado Quantitative methods,Qualitative methods I have assisted students in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.  I look forward to assisting you as you pursue your doctoral program at Winona State University! Yes
James E. Schul A dissertation chair,A committee member
Anquinetta V. Calhoun A committee member
Donghyun Kang A committee member
Penny Warner A committee member
Steve Baule Leadership education A dissertation chair,A committee member BA, History, Loras College MLS, Library & Information Science, University of Iowa Ed.D., Instructional Technology, Northern Illinois University Ph.D. Leadership and Educational Policy Studies, Loyola University Chicago Online student engagement Educational technology Educational leadership Social – emotional learning History of education Quantitative methods,Qualitative methods,Mixed methods,Documentary methods Yes
Rhea Walker Education studies A dissertation chair,A committee member BA, Business Education; Coaching Minor, University of Northern Iowa MAE, Educational Psychology with emphasis in Business, University of Northern Iowa PhD, Education: Curriculum & Instructional Technology, Iowa State University Activity Theory/Human Ecology Learning Communities Career & Technical Education Education Policies in Teacher Education Technology and Teacher Education Organizational Change Achievement Gap Quantitative methods,Qualitative methods,Mixed methods,Documentary methods Rhea worked with a Psychology Research Lab at Iowa State and her dissertation is Qualitative. So, she has extensive experiences in varying types of methodology. No
Donghyun Kang Education studies A committee member B.Ed. Elementary Education, Seoul National University of Education M.Ed. Elementary Educational Methods, Seoul National University of Education Ph.D. Educational Psychology, Texas A&M University Teacher-Student Relationships School Engagement Socio-emotional Motivation Teacher Education Classroom Management Quantitative methods,Mixed methods Exploratory Factor Analysis Confirmatory Factor Analysis Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Longitudinal Path Analysis
Jerry Redman Education studies A dissertation chair,A committee member B.S.  Teacher Education (Biology and General Science), UW-La Crosse M.E.P.D.  Science Education and Curriculum Development, UW-La Crosse Ph.D.  Curriculum and Instructional Technology, Iowa State University Curriculum Development Standards , Assessments, and Accountability Test and Measurement Formative, Summative and Performance Assessment Quantitative methods,Mixed methods My doctorate minor is in test and measurement No