Steven Baule.NET provides professional services around assessment, program evaluation, strategic planning, and technology implementation.

Dr. Baule has experience presenting to and conducting workshops for a wide range of students, educators, and other professionals. He has conducted technology program audits and program evaluations for a range of districts from small rural and suburban districts to large urban districts. He was identified by eSchool News as one of the top ten Tech-Savvy Superintendents in 2009. He was honored by the Illinois Association of School Administrators and the University of Illinois’s College of Education with the Van Miller Distinguished Scholar-Practitioner Award in 2013. Baule was invited to the White House in November 2014 for the Connected Superintendent Summit.

Services available include technology or program audits, keynotes and other presentations, hands-on workshop development, and strategic planning facilitation.

For more information contact Steve Baule.

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

WHAT IS MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS MONTH? Mental Health Awareness Month is a month-long observance dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues and resources to help people maintain and improve their mental health, as well as working to remove the stigmas around mental health conditions. The month is often observed with educational events and opportunities to receive support and access to … Continue reading May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

Presenting at IETC

Lindsay Abbeduto and I will be presenting on evaluating 1:1 programs at the Illinois Educational Technology Conference on Thursday, November 5, 2015. The presentation has been uploaded to SlideShare.

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