Professional Development Report: Academic Year 2021-2022

Winona State University
Professional Development Report:  Academic Year 2020-2021

Leadership Education Department

I finished my second year at Winona State this spring and my fourth as a full-time faculty member in higher education. I have learned a lot this year from my colleagues and students. My complete Curriculum Vitae.

  Criteria 1:  Demonstrated ability to teach effectively and/or perform effectively in other current assignments. Goals are aligned with University Priorities.  
1.1 Develop blended and online coursework for EDUO 800/1 & 2, EDUO 802, EDUO 804, EL 622, & EL 654Documented modules developed in D2L based upon departmental and program templates and syllabi EL 651 Summer 2021 EL 656 Summer 2021 EDUO 800-1 Summer 2021 EDUO 800-2 Summer 2021 EL 622 Fall 2021 EDUO 802 Fall 2021 EL 654 Spring 2022 EDUO 804 Spring 2022 EL 635 May 2022
1.2. Administer course evaluations and make changes based on
Course improvement matrices EL 622 I updated the EL 761 syllabus to align with recommendations from the BOSA Accreditation Visit since it is generally taught by adjuncts.   Opening course survey responses:
Open survey results Spring & May 2021
End of course surveys include:
Discussion Post Feedback LDRS 618 Fall 2020
End of course Feedback LDRS 614 Spring 2021
Discussion Post Feedback LDRS 618 Spring 2021
End of course Feedback LDRS 618 Spring 2021
Pre-residency Survey:
Cohort 2 2021
1.3 Assist in the revision of the Leadership Department Thesis and Capstone Handbook. The Thesis and Capstone Handbook was revised by the department in April for the fall.
1.4 Develop and continually revise a doctoral program handbook I also developed a dissertation committee member handbookDoctoral Student Handbook   Dissertation Committee Handbook  
1.5 Utilize formative assessment to revise instruction as necessary for student successStudent polls, surveys, and revisions in response. See 1.2
  Criterial 2:  Scholarly or creative achievement, or research  
2.1 Assist at least two others in submitting articles for publicationLinks to published articles:
Baule, S. M., Crowson, N., Dvorak, C., Ferrington, R., and Vu, J. (M.Ed. & DNP students) How should IT leaders better communicate change? – eCampus News  
Dave Blanchard (Ed.D. student)  3 ways to personalize your digital PLN – eCampus News  
Janelle Frank (M.Ed. student) & Baule, S. M. 4 strategies to boost student engagement (  
Jacob Balliu (M.Ed. student) and Baule, S. M. “Mental Health Among Collegiate Student-Athletes” Essays in Education.  
2.2 Serve as a thesis advisorImportance of Coaches’ Communication: A Pathway to Understanding the Effect on High School Female Athletes and Body Image (
The following have not yet been posted to OpenRiver:
Tommy Swanson
Sally Matthews
Cole LaLiberty
Austin Powell
2.3 Continue to serve as the assistant electronic editor for Military Collector & Historian.Editorial board listing in the masthead
2.4 Submit at least two articles for publication in a range of journals and newslettersPeer Reviewed Publications
Balliu, J. & Baule, S. M. (2022). “Mental Health Among Collegiate Student-Athletes” Essays in Education.
Baule, S. M. (2022). Flipping the course evaluation process; Using student feedback up front (and throughout) in Simonson, M. & Seepersaud, D. 44th AECT Annual Proceedings: Selected Research and Development Papers,
Peterson, P. & Baule, S. M. (under review). Professional development to prevent early career burnout.
Peterson, P. & Baule, S. M. (under review). How early career stage teachers are impacted by burnout: A study of Minnesota teachers.
Baule, S. M. & Fister, S. A. (under review). Accessibility of university course syllabi.  

Professional Publications
Baule, S. M. (2022, April). Designing and renovating library spaces in Harvey, C. A. & Church, A. P. (eds.). School Library Management, 8th Ed. Libraries Unlimited.
Baule, S. M. (2002, February 14). How to get the most out of your decision-making process. eCampusNews.
Swanson, A R. & Baule, S M. (2021, December 16). How educators can make time for self-care. eSchoolNews. (Collaboration with Ed.D. student)
Swanson, A R. & Baule, S M. (2021, December 15). How educators can make time for self-care. eCampusNews. (Collaboration with Ed.D. student)
Baule, S. M. (2021, November 19). Using tracking sites to bring current events to students. eCampusNews.
Tamke, D., Boulton, A. B., and Baule S. M. (2021, September 29). The old guard and the new hire: 4 ways to welcome new academics. eCampusNews. (Collaboration with Ed.D. student & faculty)
Baule, S. M. (2021, Fall). Principal musicians of the Union Army. Military Collector and Historian, 73(3).
Frank, J., and Baule, S. M. (2021, September 7). Four strategies to boost student engagement. eSchoolNews. (Collaboration with masters’ student)
Baule, S. M., Crowson, N., Dvorak, C., Ferrington, R., and Vu, J. (2021, August 4). How should IT leaders better communicate change? eCampusNews. (Collaboration with masters and DNP students)  
2.5 Submit at least two proposals to present at professional conferences or other venuesNational Presentations
Baule, S. M. (2022, March). Developing effective alternative programming. National Youth Resiliency Conference, Savanah, GA.
Baule, S. M. (2021, November). Flipping the course evaluation process: Using student feedback up-front. AECT International Convention, Chicago.
D’Amore, R., Mittha, C., Baule, S. M., & Hogan, K. (2021, November). Back office innovations in higher ed. eSchool Media. Sponsored by Adobe Sign.

State and Regional Presentations
Baule, S. M. (2022, April). Key questions to ask in evaluating your technology programs. ITEC Conference, Des Moines, IA.
Baule, S. M. (2022, February). Twelve questions to ask in evaluating your technology programs. 2022, St. Charles, IL.
Baule, S. M. (2021, November). Improving instruction through effective and gentle student feedback. IETC 2021, Springfield, IL.
Baule, S. M. (2021, November). Evaluating your technology program: 12 questions to ask. IETC 2021, Springfield. IL.  
  Criteria 3:  Evidence of continuing preparation and study.  
3.1 Complete the WSU BOSA accreditation process including the review of licensure coursesBOSA Visiting Team packet  
Response to BOSA review recommendations  
3.2 Actively participate in professional organizations including AASA, AECT, IDEA, and SOLAR.I remain an active member of AASA, AECT, and IDEA.   I did not get actively involved in SOLAR. It is still a desire.
3.3 Become competent with D2L through participation in ASA workshops, etc.Completed several workshops from MinnState and other agencies:
Open Meetings Act and Board Member Legal Training, City of Rochester, March 2022
Search Advisory Committee Training, MinnState, March 2022
Implicit Bias Training, MinnState, March 2022
Safe Space Training, Winona State, February 2022
Campus Security Authority training, Winona State, November 2021
Academic Integrity workshop, Grand Canyon, November 2021
Back to Basics: Accessibility Training, of Phoenix, October 2021
The New Digital Equity, Chronicle of Higher Ed, October 2021  
3.4 Invite other faculty and practitioners to review and provide constructive input on my coursesCollaborated with L. Jonas on the development of EL 651. Supporting M. Sinning in teaching EL 651/656 in Summer 2022. Supported J. Sonnenberg with the development of EL 658. Collaborated with Ken Janz on redevelopment of LDRS 646 and EDUO 804 (along with student input for EDUO 802). Collaborated with Nicholas Wysocki on EDUO 898; Ray Martinez on EDUO 801; Collaborated with R. Martinez, B. Boulton, M. Sinning, R. Walker, K. Graetz, K. Larson, and D. Kirk on EDUO 800/1 & 2. Collaborated with Minnesota Administrators of Special Education to review EL courses considering the needs of students with special needs.
  Criteria 4:  Contribution to Student Growth & Development.  
4.1 Assist students with IRB approvalStudent IRB approvals
4.2 Actively support in students by assisting them in research and the publication process“Inspiring and Aspiring Educators: An Intersection of Historic and Current Curriculum” by A. Brooke Boulton, Steven M. Baule et al. (   See also Items 2.1 & 2.4
4.3a Serve as advisor for educational leadership master’s studentsListing of advisees
4.3b Serve as advisor for post master’s licensure studentsListing of advisees
4.3c Serve as advisor for doctoral studentsListing of advisees
4.4 Build positive professional relationships with studentsCourse surveys
4.5 Create and modify student assignment rubrics and course content based on student inputCourse surveys, modified materials, rubrics, etc.
4.6 Serve as licensing review officer for K-12 certificationMeeting minutes

Criteria 5: Service to the university and community.

5.1 Serve as Leadership Education department representative to the Graduate CouncilMeeting minutes
5.2 Served as the Leadership Education department chairLetter of appointment; meeting minutes
5.2 Serve on CoE’s Educational Doctorate Steering CommitteeMeeting minutes
5.3 Chair the K12 Administrative Licensing Advisory CommitteeMeeting minutes
5.4 Serve as WSU’s representative to the Minnesota BOSAMeeting minutes
5.5 Revise LDRS, EL, and EDUO courses as requestedSee Item 1.1
5.6 Continue to mentor current educators and former students as they move to positions to which they aspire.List and contact information for those mentored
5.7 Actively participate in department workSee Items 1.3, 1.4, 3.1, & 4.6