2020-2021 Professional Development Report

Winona State University
Professional Development Report:  Academic Year 2020-2021

Leadership Education Department

I finished my first year at Winona State this spring and my third as a full-time faculty member in higher education. I have learned a lot this year from my colleagues and students. Complete Curriculum Vitae.

  Criteria 1:  Demonstrated ability to teach effectively and/or perform effectively in other current assignments. Goals are aligned with University Priorities.  
1.1 Develop blended and online coursework for LDRS 614, LDRS 618, & LDRS 699Documented modules developed in D2L based upon the departmental template.
LDRS 614 Change Leadership Syllabus D2L Sample Materials
LDRS 618 Scholarship Syllabus
1.2. Administer course evaluations and make changes based on feedback. The primary course modifications were:
1) to add additional exemplars to LRDS 614 and LDRS 618
2) leave the course end date blank so students could return to the LDRS 618 materials.
3) updated Thesis and Capstone Handbook to address student concerns July2020version; January2021version
4) updated the Word APA formatted template after each course January2021version
5) drafted an MS Word thesis template for students
1.3 Assist in the revision of the Thesis and Capstone Handbook (in conjunction with T. Waterbury and K. Larson).Thesis and Capstone Handbook June 2020 version
Thesis and Capstone Handbook Jan. 2021 version
1.4 Utilize formative assessment to revise instruction as necessary for student successOpening course survey responses:
Open survey results Spring & May 2021
End of course surveys include:
Discussion Post Feedback LDRS 618 Fall 2020
End of course Feedback LDRS 614 Spring 2021
Discussion Post Feedback LDRS 618 Spring 2021
End of course Feedback LDRS 618 Spring 2021
Pre-residency Survey:
Cohort 2 2021
1.5. Lead in updating the CIIL certificate programCompletion of CIIL proposal
Curriculog rationale for CIIL program
EL 651 Learning Environments
EL 656 Connected Classrooms
EL 657 Mindset and Motivation
EL 658 Real World Learning Design

Criterial 2:  Scholarly or creative achievement, or research

2.1 Assist others in submitting articles for publicationCurrently working with Matt Huettl and Kurt Soderburg, former UW-S students to try to get their Ed.S. papers published.
Jake Balliu is currently revising his Spring 2021 thesis for publication.
At this time, we have not had success yet.
2.2 Serve as a thesis advisorServed as an advisor for the following student theses:
COVID-19’s Influence on Mental Health Among Collegiate Student-Athletes
Essential Library Services for College Students in the Time of Social Distancing,
A Pilot Study on the Retention and Turnover of NCAA Division II Sports Information Directors,
Shifting Parents from Respondents to Partners: New Paths to School Involvement

Elective Course Choice as a Factor in K12 Graduation Rates,
2.3 Continue to serve as the electronic editor for Military Collector & Historian.Served as Electronic Editor through 12/31/2020. Continuing to serve as Assistant Electronic editor. Contact as Webmaster (electronic editor).
2.4 Continue to serve as editorial board member for School Library Connection magazine for ABC-CLIO (This is my final term on the Board)Served on School Library Connection magazine from 2015 until 12/2020 when the advisory board model was disbanded. David Paige, the managing editor could confirm that. I served on several previous incarnations of the journal’s editorial boards since the 1990s.
2.5 Submit articles for publication in a range of journals and newsletters
Listed as a Featured Contributor to eSchoolNews (K-12 focus) https://www.eschoolnews.com/featured-contributors/   Listed as a Featured Contributor to eCampusNews (Higher Ed focus as well) https://www.ecampusnews.com/featured-contributors/

Peer-Reviewed Articles
Baule, S. M. (2021). Engaging students in asynchronous online courses in Simonson, M. & Seepersaud, D. 43rd AECT Annual Proceedings: Selected Research and Development Papers, v 1. 49-59.
Baule. S. M. (2020, Fall/Winter). Vital topics in school finance for new principals, Journal of School Business Management, 32 (2), 6-20.
Baule, S. M. & Leeper, T. (2020, July 15). Navigating student gender identity issues. Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership. 1-10.

Professional Articles
Baule, S. M. (2020). PD for successfully launching a 1:1 program, in Dillon, R. (ed.) IDEAS to Connect Your Classroom, Illinois Digital Educators Alliance, 53-62. Available at https://www.ideaillinois.org/IDEA-Authors.
Baule, S. M. (2021, May 5). Post-COVID plans should focus on program values and evaluation. eCampusNews.
Baule, S. M. (2021, May 4). Post-COVID plans should focus on program values and evaluation. eSchoolNews.
Baule, S. M. (2021, February 2). Easy ways to ensure feedback supports student success. eCampusNews.
Baule, S. M. (2020, November 25). Reimagining the school help desk. eCampusNews.
Baule, S. M. (2020, November 19). Reimagining the school help desk. eSchoolNews.
Baule, S. M. (2020, October 29). Strategies for individualized feedback during pandemic learning. eCampusNews.
Baule, S. M. (2020, September). Inclusion: Supporting gender minorities and non-binary students, Wisconsin School News.
Baule, S. M. (2020, August 10). Cybersecurity and user productivity: An important balance. eSchoolNews.
Baule, S. M. (2020, August 4). Cybersecurity and user productivity: An important balance. eCampusNews.
Baule, S. M. (2020, August). Secure and protect: Student and staff data remains vulnerable to attacks and theft, American School Board Journal.
2.6 Submit proposals to present at professional conferences or other venuesNational Presentations
Baule, S. M. (2021, February). Engaging students in online courses. TCEA Convention & Exposition. Austin, TX (virtual).
Baule, S. M. (2020, November). Engaging students in asynchronous online courses. AECT National Conference, Tallahassee, FL (virtual).
Baule, K. A. & Baule, S.M. (2020, October). Preparing the next generation of pain management nurses. ASPMN National Conference, Minneapolis, MN (virtual).
Baule, S. M. (2020 August). Engagement in asynchronous online courses, 2020 Knowledge Without Boundaries Research Summit. Phoenix, AZ.
Duke, R., Irish-Glass, J, Rizzo, J. & Baule, S. M. (2020, May). Key questions to ask as you evaluate your technology program. CoSN 2020 Annual Conference, Washington, DC.

State and Regional Presentations
Baule, K A. & Baule, S.M. (2021, May). Orienting, mentoring, and the pain nurse. ASPMN Pacific Northwest Chapter Meeting (virtual).
Baule, S. M. (2021, February). Engaging students in asynchronous online courses. IDEAcon. St. Charles, IL (virtual).
Baule, S. M. (2020, November). Effective methods of searching for OER materials. IETC2020, Springfield, IL. (virtual).
Baule, S. M. (2020, June). Improving student engagement in online discussion forums. LTDC Virtual Showcase. UW System, Madison, WI. (virtual).

Local Presentations
Baule, S.M. (2020, October). Preparing for teacher interviews. Kappa Delta Pi, Winona, MN.
  Criteria 3:  Evidence of continuing preparation and study.  
3.1 Participate in the TNT online teaching bootcamp workshop.Completion of TNT Online course bootcamp.
3.2 Lead the WSU BOSA accreditation process, June 2021BOSA accreditation report
3.3 Actively participate in professional organizations including AASA, AECT, IDEA, and SOLAR.Membership and conference participation, etc.
2020-2021 Memberships
3.4 Become competent with D2L through participation in ASA workshops, etc.Completion of ASA workshops, etc.
Quality Matters Basics
Participated in ASA OER workshops
3.5 Invite other faculty to review and provide constructive input on my D2L coursesInvited T. Waterbury and K. Larson to LDRS 618 D2L sandbox to provide feedback.
Collaborated with L. Jonas on EL 651 & EL 656
Supported J. Sonnenburg in building EL 658
Shared EDUO 800 drafts with Ed.D. steering committee for comments.
  Criteria 4:  Contribution to Student Growth & Development.  
4.1 Assist students with IRB approvalStudent IRB approvals
4.2 Actively engage in student researchSubmitted manuscripts or a copy of the published articles. See 4.1.
4.3 Transition into the role of academic advisor for Educational Leadership students.Currently have 23 masters and licensing students plus Cohort 3 doctoral students.
4.4 Build positive professional relationships with studentsEnd of course surveys include:
Discussion Post Feedback LDRS 618 Fall 2020
End of course Feedback LDRS 614 Spring 2021
Discussion Post Feedback LDRS 618 Spring 2021
End of course Feedback LDRS 618 Spring 2021
4.5 Create and modify student assignment rubrics and course content based upon student inputCourse surveys, modified materials, rubrics, etc.
4.6 Serve as licensing review officer for K-12 certificationWorkload Listing 2021
4.7 Collaborate with other departments to provide students with interdisciplinary courseworkIntegration of interdisciplinary materials into CIIL certificate courses; worked with IT staff to better integrate technology tools into D2L coursework.

Criteria 5: Service to the university and community.

5.1 Serve as department representative to the Graduate CouncilMeeting minutes. This meeting also includes the approval of changes to the K-12 licensing programs and CIIL courses.
5.2 Serve on other University committees as requestedServed on K-12 Educational Leadership Advisory Committee  
Served on Education Doctoral Steering Committee SY21 Annual Report (drafted by Dr. R. Walker)
Served on Fall 2020 Minnesota K-12 Licensure Review Panel
Represent WSU at BOSA meetings
5.3 Revise LDRS and EL courses as requestedSyllabi, course materials, Curriculog materials, etc.
LDRS 614, LDRS 618, EL 651, & EL 656
5.4 Continue to mentor current educators and former students as they move to positions to which they aspire.Names provided upon request
5.5 Actively participate in department workUpdated CIIL program and helped revise thesis/capstone handbook.
Drafted revisions for the K-12 licensing web pages.
5.6 Serve as a governing board member for the Company of Military Historians; my third term was up in December 2020.December 2, 2020, Meeting agenda including previous minutes
5.7 Participated in the Advanced Programs in Colleges of Education Common Metrics Survey for NExTSurvey completion. Email from NDSU.